Make Your Own Path

I have two big things I’m passionate about: creating things yourself and making your own path. This lovely man not only runs his own woodworking company, passed on from his father, but helps displaced Juvie kids find a passion and a place of belonging.


Not everyone fits into a perfect mold in our society and we tend to disregard people’s strengths, especially in our education system, shoving square pegs into round holes. I one day hope that we will have an education system that tailors itself to individuals and their passions. Whether that be a kid who wants to be a woodworker – giving him applicable math and chemistry skills that pertain to that trade, or if a kid wants to be a chef, veterinarian or artist – focusing and honing in on a person’s passions makes the learning easier because it gives it context. Not everyone wants to be doctors, lawyers or engineers and how amazing would it be to live in a world where people were nurtured to follow their passions and strengths, rather than given a one-size-fits-all education? I think that would be pretty incredible.

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