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  • Nov


    Tea Packaging

    My initial mock-ups for Tribute Tea’s packaging (above) and first-round samples (below).


    I finally got my first-round samples of Tribute Tea’s packaging from the manufacturer and, although not perfect, they’re pretty great for first-rounds. I’m really excited to see these coming together and can’t wait to see them on shelves.



  • Logo and business cards I designed for my client, Tribute Tea. I wanted to do something really organic and the idea of utilizing a tea stain came in mind. I love the way they came out!


  • So during the epic Hurricane Sandy, I was down in North Carolina doing hair and makeup for the lovely, Lauren Zettler of I am Lightyear. We spent the weekend running through the forrest, lighting colored smoke bombs and sprinting in circles with sparklers. It was a really good time with some really great people. Last night the actual video for “Lose Myself”premiered at the Converse Rubber Tracks studio. So take a look at the trailer and see me in action.


    Video directed by Habib Yazdi.

    Behind the scenes video filmed and edited by Kristen Winter.

  • Nov


    Acupuncture Site

    My good friend, Jen, was starting her own acupuncture practice and needed a classy site, so we did a bit of bartering and this beaut resulted. It’s a simple one-page, parallax site that really has a tranquil feel. Clean and simple, my favorite. See it live in action.

  • Oct


    Sleep No More, NYC

    Sleep No More is an interactive play for those of us who love theater as well as the ones who don’t… Hidden in New York City is the best live performance show in town. Sleep No More, loosely based on Macbeth, is an interactive play that completely breaks the barriers between actors and audience.


    For starters, there is no theater per se, the performance takes place in the five-floor McKittrick Hotel where the audience is first brought into the parlor for champagne cocktails (think “The Shining”-style lounge) where they are then, group by group, given white masks (think of the orgy scene from “Eyes Wide Shut”) and brought up in the elevator to various floors of the building.


    The “audience” is encouraged to wander through rooms, rummage through drawers, and go wherever they please. There are no rules, except that you cannot speak at all for the duration of your stay. The actors are the only ones without masks and perform throughout various rooms, whether you’re around to see them or not. A trench coat clad man zooms past with an umbrella and hordes follow him to see what he’s up to, a man, drenched in blood, de-robes and hops into a bathtub – these are the “scenes” and you might just see the same one twice since more audience members are let up in the elevator continuously.


    Don’t expect to see every scene or even every room of the McKittrick upon your first visit. The entire experience is what you make of it, which is why it’s interesting to attend multiple times; no two performances are going to be the same for you. Sleep No More is an incredible experience and even if you have no idea what the hell is going on (most of us) it’s a crazy, roller coaster of a ride.

  • My logo & branding concepts:


    … and my website design.


    Here are the original logos the site initially had:


    This is the original blog design with a pink plaid background and distressed font choices….


    I work for doejo, a creative web & print agency, and I recently was given a short deadline project for a publication called, Grungy Gentleman.  The project was an overhaul of the branding and design of the site, which at the time, was just a blog. My job was to help it grow-up into a polished, men’s publication.

  • Tatzu Nishi’s newest exhibition called, Discovering Columbus, brings a prominent statue outside of Central Park into a temporary home.


    Statue on a regular day…


    Nishi’s new spin on the 120 year old statue.


    Nishi even designed a Toile wallpaper showing Americana he remembers from his childhood.


    The marble statue of Columbus rises above 75 feet, and was designed by the Italian sculptor Gaetano Russo. It was unveiled in 1892 to commemorate the 400th anniversary of Columbus’s first voyage to the Americas. Although the statue has a prominent location, it’s height and size make it almost unseen along the urban facade. Nishi changes all that with his new exhibit. By creating a temporary room around the statue not only allows viewers to see the statue in a different way, but it also demonstrates the privatization of public spaces. The exhibit is open from September 20th – November 18th 2012. Reserve your free tickets here.


  • So, what began as a gift for my downstairs flat-mate for all the delicious pulled pork he made for me over the years ended up as this hand-painted woodgrain shelf I made to sell at Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago. This was an old department store, cheap looking “woodblock” topped kitchen island/table that I found in an alley one day, then left outside on my deck for two winters, until I finally got the motivation to transform it. I’ve been obsessed with woodgrain for decades as well as Roy Lichtenstein, so this is what came of that. I custom cut each of the shelves from quater inch ply and hand painted each piece. This is a few years old, and I only have crappy iPhone photos of it, but I stumbled upon it today and thought it should be shared!

  • Some backstage shots I took of Porsche Design Spring 2013.


    So this was my first show EVER for Spring 2013 New York Fashion Week. This was an exclusive showing of Porsche Design’s collection.

  • More of my New York Fashion Week shots, this round are some of my faves (out of literally hundreds of photos I shot). This show was Robert Geller’s collection for Spring 2013.


    I was lucky enough to get to photograph New York Fashion Week my first few months here in New York. Here is my photography debut with Alejandro Ingelmo’s shoes.


  •  “Haptic” refers to the sense of touch that includes the entire body, inside and out; it is also the mechanism we employ to situate our bodies in space, feeling the world around us.



    Haptic Lab was founded in 2009 by Emily Fischer, a Brooklyn-based architect and designer. These beautiful, hand-sewn quilts were inspired by Emily’s mother, Peggy, who had begun losing her eyesight from complications of glaucoma. Emily began making these soft maps in 2002 as an academic experiment in tactile wayfinding. I’ve been vying for one of these in my apartment for awhile and finally bought the New York quilt the week I moved to Brooklyn. These beautiful pieces surpass the concept of home-wares and art, and only get better with age. Check out the rest of the cities Haptic Lab has to offer.

  • Creative Mornings is “a global, monthly breakfast lecture series for creative types.” Every month, the New York chapter lecture, (usually) held in DUMBO Brooklyn, takes place at the gorgeous,  Galapagos Art Space featuring inspiring creatives from around the world. I was honored to attend my first Creative Morning in NYC today which featured the amazing and awe-inspiring Stephen Doyle.


    Check out your nearest lecture. You won’t regret it!


    My good friend, Jen, came to me to create her logo and business cards for her private acupuncture practice. With a little bartering and a lot of work, this is what resulted…

  • So, this week I began working at Studiomates, quite possibly the most inspiring place in Brooklyn. I currently work for Doejo, a print and web design firm out of Chicago and when I came to New York to help expand the New York branch there was no other co-op space that could compare…



    Studiomates is run by the one-and-only Tina Roth Eisenberg (aka Swiss-Miss) and is filled with designers, illustrators, bloggers, writers, developers and everyone else in between! There are nothing but inspiring and INCREDIBLY talented people here and I am honored to be amongst some of the best!

  • Jun


    Makers Gonna Make

    “Makers Gonna Make” print by Story of my life…