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    So while I was working out of Studiomates, Keenan from Wander came in to talk about the new project. Immediately I fell in love with the concept of a site that is a social-collaboration-aggregation Travel Scrapbook. Essentially, each user on Wander (which is now accepting requests!) creates a virtual scrapbook of their favorite places on their journey through life, allowing others to search specific places and get a really beautiful aggregation of everyone’s images tagged with that spot. So let’s say you’ve never been to Mumbai, for example, each user who’s traveled to Mumbai tags images or articles with a *star mention* and  it all aggregates to their personal travel page, as well as a communal Mumbai page. So when I go to the Mumbai page, I’m getting a visual feel of what it’s like there from a multitude of perspectives, as well as restaurant suggestions and places I should see! SO cool. Sign up now.




    I created a bunch of song artwork for I Am Lightyear’s new EP, Holding Pattern. Check out her work, she’s a pretty amazing lady.

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    Weird Children


    So my boyfriend works his butt off with these crazy fools. Tim Van Horn edited this really cute promo video for their upcoming show with their new singer and I couldn’t be more stoked for them! Check out Weird Children’s  fun, rocky-pop music you won’t might regret it…