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  • Today is not only my ONE YEAR anniversary here in NYC, but my first day working with the ladies of Domestic Construction. I am officially building, making and crafting things for these incredible girls.

  • I moved into a larger room in our loft and decided to totally renovate it, like I said: I LOVE BUILDING THINGS. Anyway, here’s my well-planned, 10ft bookshelf I built with my boyfriend over the weekend… and our cat, Bubs, exploring things while I was working on organizing. I’m hoping to get the room photographed, so I can show all the before and afters.


  • May


    Salvage Desk Project

    So I grew up refinishing furniture and houses, and I have never been able to shake the itch I have to build stuff… so I built a desk today. I had a make-shift plywood desk in our old room and I decided I would take it apart, refinish the top piece and IKEA hack it onto my red metal drawers. Sorry for the grainy images, will post better ones soon!

  • Tatzu Nishi’s newest exhibition called, Discovering Columbus, brings a prominent statue outside of Central Park into a temporary home.


    Statue on a regular day…


    Nishi’s new spin on the 120 year old statue.


    Nishi even designed a Toile wallpaper showing Americana he remembers from his childhood.


    The marble statue of Columbus rises above 75 feet, and was designed by the Italian sculptor Gaetano Russo. It was unveiled in 1892 to commemorate the 400th anniversary of Columbus’s first voyage to the Americas. Although the statue has a prominent location, it’s height and size make it almost unseen along the urban facade. Nishi changes all that with his new exhibit. By creating a temporary room around the statue not only allows viewers to see the statue in a different way, but it also demonstrates the privatization of public spaces. The exhibit is open from September 20th – November 18th 2012. Reserve your free tickets here.


  •  “Haptic” refers to the sense of touch that includes the entire body, inside and out; it is also the mechanism we employ to situate our bodies in space, feeling the world around us.



    Haptic Lab was founded in 2009 by Emily Fischer, a Brooklyn-based architect and designer. These beautiful, hand-sewn quilts were inspired by Emily’s mother, Peggy, who had begun losing her eyesight from complications of glaucoma. Emily began making these soft maps in 2002 as an academic experiment in tactile wayfinding. I’ve been vying for one of these in my apartment for awhile and finally bought the New York quilt the week I moved to Brooklyn. These beautiful pieces surpass the concept of home-wares and art, and only get better with age. Check out the rest of the cities Haptic Lab has to offer.

  • So, this week I began working at Studiomates, quite possibly the most inspiring place in Brooklyn. I currently work for Doejo, a print and web design firm out of Chicago and when I came to New York to help expand the New York branch there was no other co-op space that could compare…



    Studiomates is run by the one-and-only Tina Roth Eisenberg (aka Swiss-Miss) and is filled with designers, illustrators, bloggers, writers, developers and everyone else in between! There are nothing but inspiring and INCREDIBLY talented people here and I am honored to be amongst some of the best!