• This incredible triple-decker poster was made by the ridiculously talented Isle of Printing out of Nashville, TN. I love the use of negative space and that the design evolves as you add layers, yet each could stand alone. I’ve always wanted a laser cutter, but this just confirms the need.

  • My best friend in the whole world came to visit from Chicago and the girl is OBSESSED with nail art… so obviously I surprised her with amazing manicures from Ria Nailz…. I got ice cream & doughnut nails and she got ice cream and tribal nails.

  • Today is not only my ONE YEAR anniversary here in NYC, but my first day working with the ladies of Domestic Construction. I am officially building, making and crafting things for these incredible girls.

  • I moved into a larger room in our loft and decided to totally renovate it, like I said: I LOVE BUILDING THINGS. Anyway, here’s my well-planned, 10ft bookshelf I built with my boyfriend over the weekend… and our cat, Bubs, exploring things while I was working on organizing. I’m hoping to get the room photographed, so I can show all the before and afters.


  • May


    Salvage Desk Project

    So I grew up refinishing furniture and houses, and I have never been able to shake the itch I have to build stuff… so I built a desk today. I had a make-shift plywood desk in our old room and I decided I would take it apart, refinish the top piece and IKEA hack it onto my red metal drawers. Sorry for the grainy images, will post better ones soon!

  • So I can’t stop listening to “Until We Get There” by Lucius and thought I’d share it with you. They’re an awesome, dreamy band from Brooklyn. Enjoy!



    I just bought this incredible case for my Kindle (Top) at the BUST Magazine Craftacular today in DUMBO from Rebound Designs. She makes cases for pretty much any kind of tablet you can think of as well as really cute hard-cover, clutch wallets. I love old book cover designs and I am a huge fan of re-purposing things.


    So while I was working out of Studiomates, Keenan from Wander came in to talk about the new project. Immediately I fell in love with the concept of a site that is a social-collaboration-aggregation Travel Scrapbook. Essentially, each user on Wander (which is now accepting requests!) creates a virtual scrapbook of their favorite places on their journey through life, allowing others to search specific places and get a really beautiful aggregation of everyone’s images tagged with that spot. So let’s say you’ve never been to Mumbai, for example, each user who’s traveled to Mumbai tags images or articles with a *star mention* and  it all aggregates to their personal travel page, as well as a communal Mumbai page. So when I go to the Mumbai page, I’m getting a visual feel of what it’s like there from a multitude of perspectives, as well as restaurant suggestions and places I should see! SO cool. Sign up now.




    I created a bunch of song artwork for I Am Lightyear’s new EP, Holding Pattern. Check out her work, she’s a pretty amazing lady.

  • Apr


    Weird Children


    So my boyfriend works his butt off with these crazy fools. Tim Van Horn edited this really cute promo video for their upcoming show with their new singer and I couldn’t be more stoked for them! Check out Weird Children’s  fun, rocky-pop music you won’t might regret it…

  • Recently, someone told me that I reminded them of Fiorucci’s. For some reason, with my obsession with pop art and New York’s hey days, I totally missed this huge chunk of pop culture history…


    Fiorucci’s ads (above)


    Debbie Harry, Madonna, Basquiat, Warhol, Truman Capote, Betsy Johnson, Marc Jacobs, Maripol…. Pretty much everyone I’ve ever obsessed over or idolized hung out here.


    Dubbed the “daytime Studio 54,” Fiorucci was the place to be in the late 70s – early 80s. The East 59th Street store opened near Bloomingdale’s in 1976 and was filled with glitter, gold, lamé, and skin tight jeans. The store is credited for launching Madonna’s career (her brother worked there) as well as hosting the launch of Warhol’s Interview Magazine and exhibiting Keith Haring’s work. Fiorucci had avant garde, affordable fashions for everyone, waaayyyy before H&M or Forever 21 came into play. Unfortunately, mismanagement of the company led to bankruptcy in 1989. In 2001, the store tried to make a comeback in NYC, but it never would be like it was during Andy Warhol’s New York days. Fiorucci seemed like an amazing place and I wish I could have been a fly on the wall back in its hey day. ..

  • I worked really hard to create these Holiday Survival Kits for some holiday gifts this year. I think they’re finally ready to get wrapped up and shipped! It took me awhile to miter cut each “frame”, stain and screen each box and put everything perfectly in place. I love them and am so excited to send them out into the world.

  • Nov


    Tea Packaging

    My initial mock-ups for Tribute Tea’s packaging (above) and first-round samples (below).


    I finally got my first-round samples of Tribute Tea’s packaging from the manufacturer and, although not perfect, they’re pretty great for first-rounds. I’m really excited to see these coming together and can’t wait to see them on shelves.



  • Logo and business cards I designed for my client, Tribute Tea. I wanted to do something really organic and the idea of utilizing a tea stain came in mind. I love the way they came out!


  • So during the epic Hurricane Sandy, I was down in North Carolina doing hair and makeup for the lovely, Lauren Zettler of I am Lightyear. We spent the weekend running through the forrest, lighting colored smoke bombs and sprinting in circles with sparklers. It was a really good time with some really great people. Last night the actual video for “Lose Myself”premiered at the Converse Rubber Tracks studio. So take a look at the trailer and see me in action.


    Video directed by Habib Yazdi.

    Behind the scenes video filmed and edited by Kristen Winter.

  • Nov


    Acupuncture Site

    My good friend, Jen, was starting her own acupuncture practice and needed a classy site, so we did a bit of bartering and this beaut resulted. It’s a simple one-page, parallax site that really has a tranquil feel. Clean and simple, my favorite. See it live in action.

  • This video was created by SMvideoChan during Hurricane Sandy, right by my apartment in Brooklyn.  It’s crazy to see the banks filling up with water. Luckily, we stayed pretty safe here in Williamsburg, but there are plenty of places not doing so well. If you’d like to help, please donate to the Red Cross or look up places doing food drives and clean up here.

  • So, my friend showed me this today and, I’ve gotta say, it’s well done. 2012 seems to have been the year of Lena Dunham…


    Get up off your butt and VOTE. It was quite a task since I moved from Chicago earlier in the year, but I’m proud to say that I’m officially a registered voter in the lovely state of New York.


  • Oct


    Sleep No More, NYC

    Sleep No More is an interactive play for those of us who love theater as well as the ones who don’t… Hidden in New York City is the best live performance show in town. Sleep No More, loosely based on Macbeth, is an interactive play that completely breaks the barriers between actors and audience.


    For starters, there is no theater per se, the performance takes place in the five-floor McKittrick Hotel where the audience is first brought into the parlor for champagne cocktails (think “The Shining”-style lounge) where they are then, group by group, given white masks (think of the orgy scene from “Eyes Wide Shut”) and brought up in the elevator to various floors of the building.


    The “audience” is encouraged to wander through rooms, rummage through drawers, and go wherever they please. There are no rules, except that you cannot speak at all for the duration of your stay. The actors are the only ones without masks and perform throughout various rooms, whether you’re around to see them or not. A trench coat clad man zooms past with an umbrella and hordes follow him to see what he’s up to, a man, drenched in blood, de-robes and hops into a bathtub – these are the “scenes” and you might just see the same one twice since more audience members are let up in the elevator continuously.


    Don’t expect to see every scene or even every room of the McKittrick upon your first visit. The entire experience is what you make of it, which is why it’s interesting to attend multiple times; no two performances are going to be the same for you. Sleep No More is an incredible experience and even if you have no idea what the hell is going on (most of us) it’s a crazy, roller coaster of a ride.